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Three categories of color steel equipment

The color steel equipment adopts high-level automatic control software to realize production information management, and the overall automatic control system is adopted to make the automation system better. Xuzhou color steel equipment introduction: color steel equipment also has the advantages of operation, maintenance, color steel pressing and other system control, realization of production information management, easy mold replacement and so on.

Color steel equipment is generally divided into the following three types:
1. Extrusion molding color steel equipment: large output, fast speed, but high investment. After molding, it is sprayed with a spray machine, and there is a large color difference in brightness and chroma.
2. Roll forming machine: Due to the single shape of roll forming, the low quality of tile has gradually faded out of the market.
3. Molded color steel equipment: At present, it is a color steel equipment model. Most of the machines use Mitsubishi PLC control system, which is mainly divided into hand touch screen and digital display. The mold is made of special steel, durable and long service life. The main machine is equipped with a strengthened pressure head and a general pressure plate, which can easily replace different main tile molds and special-shaped tile molds. The color steel equipment is suitable for producing various types of cement tiles and pavement tiles.

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