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The function of the distribution box body forming machine

The role of the distribution box box forming machine
        1. Shearing machine is necessary for cutting plate, steel plate blanking;
        2. The bending machine makes the plate shape;
        3. Punch processing various holes on the plate;
        4. Cutting saws and plasma cutting machines are used to make larger or irregular holes in the plate;
        5. Welding shell of electric welding machine;
        6. The frame forming machine is used to form the frame of the modular switch cabinet;
        7. The drilling machine is used to make small holes in the plate;
        8. Metal surface degreasing, derusting and phosphating equipment is used for the pretreatment before shell spraying (commonly known as spray painting);
        9. The electrostatic spraying machine is used for spraying the surface of the shell. Of course, the current distribution box shell is not sprayed with paint, but is sprayed;
        10. The CNC busbar machine is used for bending copper bars. Of course, it is not CNC for small batch production, even if it is manual;
        11. Crimping pliers are used for crimping terminals (commonly known as wire noses) on wire ends;
        12. The secondary circuit line number machine is used to print the line number of the casing on the secondary line terminal.

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