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Precautions for applying photovoltaic support

Now the development of photovoltaic support is getting better and better, and we are no stranger to it. Whether in industry or life, there are more and more applications for photovoltaic brackets. Although they are familiar, some small details should be paid attention to for safety.
In order to obtain high-power output from the entire photovoltaic support power generation system, combined with the geography, climate and solar resource conditions of the construction site, the solar modules are fixed in a certain orientation, arrangement and spacing. At present, there are two ways to install photovoltaic support bases commonly used. One is the concrete-based photovoltaic support, which is more commonly used in some relatively large-scale photovoltaic power stations in China for two reasons: 1. Some local geographical environment; 2. Cost Control considerations. The other is the photovoltaic support on the pile foundation. This kind of foreign matter is more common. For example, in Australia, Italy and Germany, their consideration is mainly on the reuse of land, and the economic cost is relatively loose.

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