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The composition and working principle of highway guardrail equipment

Highway guardrail equipment includes: complete machine, PLC computer control system, C-shaped steel machine system, and automatic post-shearing system. The equipment consists of a double-cone passive discharger, a leveling part, a punching part, a forming part, and a cutting part.
Working principle:
Before the roller table is formed, it is necessary to send the highway guardrail equipment sheet. The forming part of the roller table is driven by a motor, and the power source is a hydraulic pump. Bent into various specifications of tile type, the pressing part is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to move the mold up and down, which can press the highway guardrail equipment into many sections, resembling glazed tiles. The cutting part is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to move the cutter up and down, which can cut the colored steel tiles. In order to make the strip better bitten by the rollers, we must cut off the irregular part of the strip before the strip is formed. It is enough to use the old punch for punching and cutting. The most important thing to note is that the raw material preparation process should be matched with the continuous strip steel. Before forming the coiled steel strip, remember not to forget to uncoil and correct it.

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