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Nantong Yanbin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a mechanical technology company integrating scientific research, production and management.

The company has CNC numerical control lathes and software equipment to provide customers with cold-formed steel product design and engineering cost analysis, roll design, calculation, forming process simulation, and customize various cold-formed equipment, special-shaped cold-formed production lines, automobile frame production lines, and car board production lines , Shelf column production line, at the same time can undertake the processing and customization of various cold forming equipment. Its products are widely used in steel structure industry, vehicle industry, door and window industry, decoration material industry, logistics supermarket shelf industry, transportation industry, electrical appliance industry, home appliance industry, elevator industry and various engineering pipes.

At the beginning of the establishment of the factory, the company established the spirit of enterprise: pioneering and innovating, never stop. Core concept: Active and innovative, with great virtues. In many research and development work, we have trained a good scientific research team. So that the equipment we independently developed and produced has the advantages of stable operation, convenient operation, high yield, low power consumption, etc., and is welcomed by the majority of users.

The company has always pursued the corporate tenet of "Quality First, Honesty First", and sincerely welcomes new and old customers at home and abroad to visit, negotiate and guide.

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